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Programs and Classes

Boot Camp

A heart-pounding, calorie-burning, muscle-conditioning, TOTAL BODY workout! Cardio drills, obstacle courses, circuits and lots of core work will challenge every muscle group!


Advanced Boot Camp

If you like to run, enjoy hills, are looking for a change of scenery and are up for the challenge, join us for our off-campus, heart-pounding workouts at Carson Beach, Blue Hills and Houghton's Pond.


Running Clinic

Are you hoping to run in a 5k, 5-miler or 10k road race? This class starts off with both running and walking segments. Each week, we'll shorten the walk time and increase the running time. The goal is to increase stamina slowly, avoid injury and shin splints. Stretching and core work are included in this workout. 


Jump Rope Drills

A high intensity aerobic and anaerobic workout that includes jump rope (lots of it), pushups, burpees, mountainclimbers and a lengthy, non-stop abs blast drill to strengthen the core. Bring your own jump rope!


Butt, Gut and Burn

This cardio-intensive, 90 minute class consists of 30 minutes of jump rope, heart-pounding drills, a 30+ minute ankle band run and LOTS of work for the butt and gut! Bring a jump rope and (2) 5 lb. weights.